Personal feedback and what I’ve learnt

Before the session

I sent out the questions below using google forms:

  1. How I can be even more effective as a leader and Delivery Manager?
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The guided session

I was more nervous than I thought I’d be. Opening up to feedback is an art and skill, sharing the process felt a little unnerving and vulnerable. Before looking at any of the feedback we discussed what I wanted out of the paired feedback review:

  • I wanted to find a way/formula or recipe I could use for future feedback scenarios I found myself in
  • Some new approaches to how I interpret and synthesise this precious information
  • Happy — It was positive and constructive
  • Attention areas — There were key themes running through that required thought
  • Surprise — some comments which got me looking across the questions rather than down them in a linear fashion shifting my perspective
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My key themes from my Q1 feedback:

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Key questions and ways i’ll be looking at future feedback

  1. Schedule time to read and review (from a 3rd person perspective). Be disciplined and not peek before the deadline
  2. Know that I can choose not to accept feedback if its not serving me — they are words
  3. Remove/reduce emotion and judgement from the feedback — by taking a perspective of this is for someone else
  4. Get in the right headspace then look at the responses by question (vertically) but also by responder (horizontally) dependant on collation but for a google sheet — to draw out themes and enrich context
  5. Celebrate the areas that line up with my intent, values and what I’m striving for — stop trying to fix and level up all the things!
  6. Share my feedback and takeaways so people understand more about me and what areas I’m working on and towards



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Jaie Samson

Jaie Samson

Lead Delivery Manager MoJ @ OPG - breaking down silos, unveiling transparency and working with epic teams, individuals and services.